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Cancellation Policy - Subscriptions are non-refundable

Subscriptions are non-refundable.

  • We encourage all guests to view the free-to-view latest headline articles, featured articles and the featured archive in order that a guest may understand typical article content before subscribing.
  • Guests can use our simple and advanced search facilities viewing down to headline level before subscribing. This is designed so that guests may assess how many articles relevant to their interests we hold.
  • More free-to-view recent articles are available to view if you sign up for our FREE 7 day limited access trial.
  • Should you wish your account cancelled and details removed from the system, then please select SUPPORT from the main menu and detail your request.

Card Payment Enquiry

Should you believe that you have been charged wrongly, such as being charged twice for the same subscription please select SUPPORT from the main menu and give details. If a payment has been taken other than the published amount for a requested subscription then a refund will be provided. It will be helpful if you can include your account user ID, the dates the payment(s) were made that you are enquiring about and if possible a telephone number should we need further information. Such enquiries may involve us sharing data with Sagepay and asking Sagepay to investigate their processing information relating to the transaction(s). If your enquiry relates to a declined card payment then please contact SagePay directly at the address listed above.

Technical Failure of the web site

Should you have any problem in accessing the service, please go to SUPPORT under the main menu and contact us. If you notify us of an access problem that is found to be caused by a technical failure of the website we will extend your subscription for a period not less than the period for which you have not been able to gain access.


Upon successful card payment your account is immediately changed to that of a subscriber and you will receive emailed confirmation of this change. A subscriber may view all articles contained within the service subscribed to (Financial Newslink is both banking and insurance sectors, Banking Newslink for banking sector only and Insurance Newslink for insurance sector only). You will continue to have such access for the period of your subscription. You may also print or email to yourself articles placed into a report. Please observe copyright restrictions in any circulation of such material.

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